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Sat on the Rocks


I have known the integrity, work ethic, and compassion for years & William was gracious enough to return a call and spend some time with me on the phone regarding a dear friend of mine's marriage. He was very helpful and gave me good recommendations to give to my friend. I know his tenacity in getting to this level of expertise and highly recommend anyone to seek him for services.


I’ve had the privilege of being counseled by Dr. William Luff affectionately known as Dr. Will by his clients . Dr. Will has counseled me during some of the toughest moments in my adult life. I met weekly virtually for a year and a half before meeting in person . The last 2 and a half years have been a living testimony of the work I have done and I could not be happier. He is able to provide relatable tools and advice that is curtailed to you and your process/experience that you can later recall especially during challenging moments.

I recommend him to everyone. 


MBK has truly transformed the way I approach the experiences of my life. I am now able to process them with a level of clarity and honesty, that has allowed me to no longer live in a space of anxiety or depression.


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